Beyond Language Learning Workshop

A more complete understanding of language learning abilities requires not only studying the specific mechanisms involved in this complex task, but also taking into account a number of other cognitive capacities that may have a critical role in how the linguistic information is processed. A comprehensive approach to this issue would greatly benefit from the integration of different sources of evidence. For example, we need to take into account the developmental trajectory of both cognitive and linguistic abilities, as well as the development of different brain networks in parallel. Research across the linguistic and the musical domains would help us to understand how our brain processes sequential and temporal information. A comparative perspective, considering which abilities are shared with other species, which limitations they have and how their brain reacts to materials with similar characteristics as linguistic structures, is critical to have a more realistic vision of what language learning is. This workshop intends to bring together researchers coming from neuroimaging, developmental and comparative fields to offer an enriched overview beyond language learning.

The Workshop will be held in Barcelona, Spain on the 29th-30th of September 2016. The number of participants will be limited to 120

More information: Beyond Language Learning Workshop.