Grupos de Investigación

The Center is the result of synergies between different research groups. He was recognized as the Specific Research Centre in November 2012 by the Consell de Govern of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra with the support of the Department of Information Technology and Communications.

Currently led by Gustavo Deco and groups are:



CNS - Computational Neuroscience Group


Director: Gustavo Deco

The CNS group investigates neuronal and cortical mechanisms of perception and cognition. The group developed a theoretical framework to deepen our understanding of a great variety of mechanisms and computations underlying higher brain functions. The theoretical framework was obtained by developing explicit mathematical neurodynamic models of brain function at the level of neuronal spiking and synaptic activity. The analysis of networks of integrate-and-fire neurons (including non-linearities) enables the study of many aspects of brain function from the spiking activity of single neurons to the effects of pharmacological agents on synaptic currents. Through the integration of fMRI and neuropsychological findings, many aspects of cognitive function can be modelled and understood.


LCC - Language and Comparative Cognition


Director: Juan Manuel Toro

We are interested in the mechanisms that might be responsible for a linguistic capacity to emerge only in humans. We thus study whether humans share with other animals fundamental processes that are involved in the extraction of structure from the language input. We also study linguistic and perceptual constraints that shape such processes in humans at different developmental stages.


MRG - Multisensory Reserch Group


Director: Salvador Soto

Aim to understand the neural and cognitive basis of human perception and attention processes in multisensory environments. To study multisensory interactions in a wide range of perceptual domains (from speech perception to body representation), using a variety of scientific approaches (from psychophysics to neuroimaging). The questions we address focus on basic as well as on applied problems.


RICO - Reasoning and Infant Cognition


Director: Luca Bonatti

Our main interest is to reveal bits and pieces of the representations underlying our abilities to come to conclusions, to form expectations, or to find what happens next, both when we deal with the physical world around us and the psychological world inside us.


SAP - Speech Acquisition & Perception Group


Director: Núria Sebastian

Our research focuses on the study of language learning, its perception, and issues related to language processing in general (with a special emphasis on bilingual populations). Research in our laboratory extends from infants to adults (also with animal –comparative- approaches) with methodologies that are based on behavioral as well as physiological and brain imaging responses.


SPB - Speech Production and Bilingualism Group


Director: Albert Costa

We are interested in the cognitive and brain basis of the speech production process, with a special emphasis on bilingual speech production.