European Research Council

We would like to highlight the success of members of the CBC in highly competitive international calls for research funds. As an example, in 2012, we highlight the Advance Grant from the ERC obtained by Dr. Núria Sebastián-Gallés (director of SAP group) and the Starting Grant obtained by Dr. Juan Manuel Toro (director of LLC group). These are the fourth ERC grant in CBC, as in 2010 Dr. Soto-Faraco (director of MRG group) was awarded with an Starting grant and in 2011 Dr. Gustavo Deco (director of CNS group) was awarded with an Advanced Grant.

The European Commission appointed Dr. Sebastián-Gallés as new member for the Scientific Council, the governing body of the European Research Council (ERC). The Scientific Council, the ERC's governing body, defines the scientific funding strategy and methodologies, and acts on behalf of the scientific community in Europe to promote creativity and innovative research. Presently chaired by Prof. Helga Nowotny, it is composed of 22 eminent researchers, including some Nobel Prize winners. They represent the whole European research community. (UPF E-Notícies)