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Most talks are scheduled at 12.00 on alternate Fridays, but exceptionally some talks can be scheduled for a different day and time.

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Upcoming seminars

Past seminars

Speaker Host / Group Place
17/10/2014 - 12:00
In search of syntactic structures in the brain
INSERM-CEA Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit (France)
RICO group, Luca Bonatti 52.S25
03/10/2014 - 12:00
Active sensing and Brain Oscillations
Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, University of Glasgow (UK)
MRG Group, Salvador Soto-Faraco 52.S25
19/09/2014 - 12:00
Infants’ sense of fairness: evidence from their reactions to antisocial and prosocial actions
Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, University of Trento (Italy)
SPB group, Albert Costa 52.S25
04/09/2014 - 12:00
Video games as exemplary learning tools
Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Brain and Learning - University of Geneva
SAP group, Nuria Sebastian 52.123 (First Floor - Roc Boronat Building)
04/07/2014 - 12:00
Executive functions in the brain: left-right organizational gradients?
Department of Neuroscience - University of Padova (Italy)
SPB group, Albert Costa 52.S25
30/06/2014 - 12:00
Cue confluences, and a typology of learning
University of Massachusetts Boston
RICO group, Luca Bonatti 52.S25
06/06/2014 - 12:00
Crossmodal compensation and multisensory interactions in deafness
Centre de Recherche Cerveau & Cognition - UMR5549 University of Toulouse (France)
SAP group, Núria Sebastián Gallés 52.S25
23/05/2014 - 12:00
Novel methods in Neuromodulations
Centre for Brain Science, University of Essex
MRG group, Salvador Soto-Faraco 52.S25
16/05/2014 - 12:00
(Dis)organising principles for neuronal response properties in the whisker system
Dynamics and plasticity of cortical sensory responses Group - Miguel Hernández University, Alicante (Spain)
CNS group, Gustavo Deco 52.S25
24/04/2014 - 18:00
Mr. Fantastic meets Thing T. Thing: Two multisensory illusions reveal a dissociation between implicit and explicit representations of the body
Department of Neuroscience - University of Parma (Italy)
RICO group, Luca Bonatti 52.101